About us

“Neo Visia” is a company with a key focus on the field of spatial and industrial design, as well as in the TV set design. It has been established in 2004 by Deyan Sazdov who grew up in a family of artists, and following the family tradition he graduated from the National Art Academy in Sofia and in the early 90-ies he started to work in the field of TV sets and exhibition stands design, thus laying the foundations of the company.

Very quickly “Neo Visia” has become one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian market in its field, having attracted highly skilled team of talented professionals in graphic design, stage design, spatial design, wood art design, metal art design, architecture, as well as experts in the field of TV art, thus offering innovation, creativity and quality of the projects and products of “Neo Visia”.

The company is among the first companies in Bulgaria specialized in the production of models (miniatures) of buildings, lands, historic sites, etc. We design and produce 3D promotional bodies, offer Interior and exterior solutions, develop advertising and overall design. A new aspect in the activity of the company is the design and manufacturing of bungalows with unique vision and prefabricated houses.